OPENING NEXT WEEK!!! 3/31/22 Coffee Lady – Awesome Theater @ Piano Fight SF

I’m delighted to have been part of the super fun team that put this production together. Big thanks to the Awesome theater team and to Piano Fight for having me along. <3 <3 <3

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A New Comedy by Bridgette Dutta PortmannDirected by Nikki Meñeznn

Thursday Nights at 9PMnMarch 31 – May 5nPianoFight SF, 144 Taylorn

Desperate for money, two sisters hatch a plot to recreate the “McDonalds Coffee Lady” lawsuit. But the truth comes to haunt them.nnJoanne hates her job at McCarby’s: minimum wage, irritating customers, an overbearing boss, and a geeky coworker. When Jo’s sister, Char, comes up with a scheme to spill hot coffee on herself and sue McCarby’s, Jo goes along with it. Can they pull it off, or is it too tall an order? Will someone spill the beans? How many coffee puns can we cram into this synopsis? And why is a mysterious old woman following Jo? Inspired by the 1992 McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit, Coffee Lady is a tort-reform ghost story about sibling rivalry, denial, and the power of truth.nnFeaturing: Nikki Nutterfield, Anne Yumi Kobori, Ray Dequina, Janelle Aguirre, Barbara Ann Cecchetti, and Matt Gunnison.nnProduction Staff: Erica Andracchio, Jakob Bernardino, Zephaniah Bensaid, Colin Johnson, Kenna M. Lindsay, Brittany Mellerson, Nikki Meñez, Anthony R. Miller, Claire Rice, Puja Tolton, and Kelli Westad.