The Wait for Black and White Game Jam 2022!

A few days ago our team submitted our second game jam game.

The Wait, a visual novel on grief.

The Wait by AquamarineDream, ambrowskii, Ricardo A (

Currently its in its pilot version and our fabulous dev Ricardo is working to assemble the rest of the game in engine as I type.

You can read more about the project on the games itch page above or check out the dev log post on itch here We Shipped The Jam Version!! – The Wait by AquamarineDream, ambrowskii, Ricardo A (

– Kenna


The Tumbler – A Poem

The Tumbler – A Poem

Kenna M. Lindsay



Since I tumbled,

down the stairs

my inside have been on lock.


A twisted steel nail puzzle within me,

trapped in my tangled pandoras box.


So if I seem irate,


or like I haven’t got a clue.


Take a moment to ask yourself

if its you,


or the puzzle inside me

poking at my ribs.


Since I tumbled,

down the stairs

I don’t tumble anymore.


I lost myself,

my love,

and my home.


Not that I am keeping score.


I look for silver linings,

while lying on the floor.


Someday I will get back up,

and maybe fly again.

But everything feels different now

including where I have been.


So if I seem irate,


or like I haven’t got a clue.


Take a moment to ask myself,

if it’s them or me?


Or the grief of lost community?

that has me despondent and sore.


Since I tumbled,

down the stairs

I look for silver linings,

while lying on the floor.


The games the same but now there is pain,

In life,

and love,

and more.

OPENING NEXT WEEK!!! 3/31/22 Coffee Lady – Awesome Theater @ Piano Fight SF

I’m delighted to have been part of the super fun team that put this production together. Big thanks to the Awesome theater team and to Piano Fight for having me along. <3 <3 <3

Coffee Lady | Awesome Theatre <– More info

Coffee Lady Tickets, Multiple Dates | Eventbrite <– Get Tickets!!






A New Comedy by Bridgette Dutta PortmannDirected by Nikki Meñeznn

Thursday Nights at 9PMnMarch 31 – May 5nPianoFight SF, 144 Taylorn

Desperate for money, two sisters hatch a plot to recreate the “McDonalds Coffee Lady” lawsuit. But the truth comes to haunt them.nnJoanne hates her job at McCarby’s: minimum wage, irritating customers, an overbearing boss, and a geeky coworker. When Jo’s sister, Char, comes up with a scheme to spill hot coffee on herself and sue McCarby’s, Jo goes along with it. Can they pull it off, or is it too tall an order? Will someone spill the beans? How many coffee puns can we cram into this synopsis? And why is a mysterious old woman following Jo? Inspired by the 1992 McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit, Coffee Lady is a tort-reform ghost story about sibling rivalry, denial, and the power of truth.nnFeaturing: Nikki Nutterfield, Anne Yumi Kobori, Ray Dequina, Janelle Aguirre, Barbara Ann Cecchetti, and Matt Gunnison.nnProduction Staff: Erica Andracchio, Jakob Bernardino, Zephaniah Bensaid, Colin Johnson, Kenna M. Lindsay, Brittany Mellerson, Nikki Meñez, Anthony R. Miller, Claire Rice, Puja Tolton, and Kelli Westad.

Happy New Year and Many More!

Happy new years!!! I cannot believe its the start of 2022 and we are still in a pandemic… it clearly isn’t going away so might as well adapt.

In 2021 despite the many very real challenges life is presenting these days I applied and was accepted to the IGDA Foundation – Diverse Game Developers: Virtual Exchange. It was such a cool learning experience and introduced me to the team of people who I worked with in a production role to develop our first game, Teddy Gainz and The Horror of Insect Island. Teddy Gainz is a 2D platformer/runner free downloadable game for Windows (content warning: contains graphic depictions of scary bugs and muscle bound chickens.)

Through the Virtual Exchange I got the opportunity to meet a ton of people working in or interested in working in games, and attend Game Developers Conference Online. These experiences gave me a whole new appreciation for the work that goes into making a game!

After finishing our first version of Teddy Gainz and the Horror of Insect Island for the game jam our team is working on an updated version to see the project meet our creative vision. That update is due early summer next year.

During October I was building props for The Jersey Devil (filmed) Play with Awesome Theater. I was so delighted to be invited to build props for this local weird production. The script touched on many important issues related to women’s reproductive health. Issues that are as close to my heart as my uterus. You can rent this filmed play online through vimeo. If you do, please let me know what your favorite props are! (content warning: this is a horror comedy, there is blood and discussion of adult topics and implied death and violence.)

Because I needed to cram one more happy thing into October The Naked Truth of Arts Gallery Opening at an.a.log Gallery happened after many months of online connection and work by the production team on that project! This was such a treat to be a part of.

Later in December 2021 the Manos Projects Gallery first in person event since before Covid 19 shook the world. A closing reception for One – a Group Show at Manos Gallery is scheduled for February 3rd 2022 6pm- 10 pm during the SF First Thursday Art Walk. Covid willing, Manos Projects is planning to participate in all the First Thursday Art Walks this year and if you are local to San Francisco I would love to see you there. For your long distance viewing pleasure I’ll be sharing what I can on Instagram.

Looking forward, my beloved Circus Center has grown a new Department of Performance and I am working on some funky film projects with my class there. I’m also cooking up some other prop designing opportunities. I cannot wait to show you what the clowns and actors are getting up to with our cameras and funny props.

Onwards and upwards!!!

Big Love,

Kenna M. Lindsay

Announcing my acceptance to the IGDA Foundation Velocity Program!

I’m really excited to finally announce my acceptance to the IGDA Foundations 2021 Diverse Game Developers Virtual Exchange Recipients. I cannot wait to take all the things I have learned in the first part of my performance and arts career and take that into the games industry!

We are a few weeks into it now and I am meeting the most fantastic people and learning so much. It is awesome to find myself surrounded by people who are excited about what they are doing, and value such breadth of experience and diversity in the community around them.

In the greater context of the games industry I am delighted and honored to be part of the future of diversity in gaming.


Many Thanks, 2020

With the season of harvest and gratitude on us I find myself feeling grateful for the amount of mobility I have regained after injuring basically the whole right side of my body earlier this year. It’s been a long road and I have learned so much about myself, what I value, and how I relate to the world through recovering from that physical trauma.

I’m grateful to still have my partner’s mother with us. She contracted COVID-19 earlier this year and as she’s in her mid 70’s we were on pins and needles for several months. Miraculously She is home recovering slowly but surely from the devastating effects of the disease on her body. With reduced lung capacity and muscle atrophy from many days on a ventilator, she has a long way to go.

I’m grateful for the many broader cultural lessons that have been brought to the front this year. All things that have been so important in our history but swept under the rug for too long. We are reaping what we have sown this harvest.

With that, I respectfully acknowledge the Ramaytush Ohlone, the original peoples of what is now the San Francisco Peninsula, and acknowledge that the greater Bay Area is the ancestral territory of the Miwok, Yokuts, Patwin, and other Ohlone. Indigenous communities have lived in and moved through this place over hundreds of generations, and indigenous peoples from many nations live and work in this region today. Please join us in acknowledging and honoring their ancestors, their elders, and their communities.

Since I was a child I felt like many of the original people of the land known as the United States had the right idea about working in concert with the land and animals around us, that we are part of nature rather than in dominion over it and I look forward to a United States government that acknowledges the value and experience of those people.

I also look forward to a United States that recognizes the blatant racism that is the basis for much of the culture of our country. Until the problems in the bedrock of our culture are addressed we will continue to struggle. We have a long way to go. Let’s stay idealistic enough to keep doing the work of understanding how our behavior impacts others and making the changes on a personal level to change on a cultural level. Change starts with you.

Despite the challenges this year has brought so much growth. Much like the literal forest fires that California and other western states suffered this year, devastating evidence of climate change hopefully we can foster new growth in ourselves where all this loss has taken place.

I have been fortunate enough this year to be able to focus on my injury recovery, and produce some of my own creative work. These are blessings indeed.

I will be at a Holiday Art and Craft fair with some other folx from The Manos Project on December 12th, 2020 at the Mission Bowling Club, COVID19 regulations permitting. I hope to see you there. Regardless please consider shopping local or supporting local makers in your own community.

Happy Holiday Season,


2020 – WTF

Hello there,

This calendar year sure has thrown a wrench in any plans I had for my life.

With the Circus closed for in person business, the costume shop closed, and my body in shambles from falling down the stairs I have really had to ask myself “who am I without my work to define me.”

Through this I am really finding that my work has defined me all along and I have just been distracted from that work by other projects.

I’m working on recommitting to a relationship with my own art. That shit is scary honestly, there is so much self doubt in the world.

Art is a practice. I want to work on it daily.

I hope you join me in whatever capacity feels right to you.