The Winds are changing rapidly these days

Shortly Russell and I will be headed to Florida to visit his Mother and grab some graduate R and R at the beach. Then we are off to Northern California to help him find a place to live, visit cool pirate themed bars, and generally eat delicious asian food.

I will be back in upstate NY after those adventures to finish packing up the apartment and to photograph as many of my friends as possible, so be on the look out for that.

After I finish packing everything up, myself and the cats are going to go to Texas so that I can live cheaply and save up for my eventual relocation.

self portrait

So I finally got around to buying a new tripod like I have been meaning to forever. While I was at the store the remote shutter releases were eyeing me, so I took one home and showed it a good time (inappropriate?)

anyway here is one of the photos that came of it.