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Personal Reflections: Appreciating the Little Things is the Key to Happiness

A few years ago I started a practice that I call “my favorite things notebook.” Lately I haven’t been keeping up with it as religiously as I did at the beginning. I am committing to you, my readers and friends that I will be abandoning the favorite things notebook in exchange for posting here more often. I have started keeping track of all the things that happen in my week so that at the end of the week I can present the best of times and the most challenging lessons to

The “My favorite moment every day book” was actually really key to overcoming depression and helping me see my life differently. I recommend it to anyone who needs to be reminded to appreciate what they have. Not sure what makes you happy? Start writing it down when you are and you’ll have some idea at the end of a month.

So with that brief intro here are some of my favorite moments this week:

  • My favorite thing on Sunday was getting so many compliments on dressing “Haight street”
    • Sunday was the Haight Street Fair in San Francisco and I came to work dressed more “hippy” than usually. It was a really fun day over all.
  • Realizing I get to enjoy minus the bear again.
    • When I was younger and less sure of myself I let an old relationship ruin a great band for me. A friend here invited me to their show and I got to associate new friendships and new memories with the music. Lesson learned: you pick what you associate with something and you control if its a negative thing or not.
  • How much better shows got when I started remembering to wear earplugs.
    • Related to the previous point, Remembering to bring earplugs to a show is SO wonderful. My ears not hurting during or after the show, and being able to hear the next day just makes it so much more pleasant.
  • Making time to enjoy my breakfast in the morning came up twice:
    • Deciding to have breakfast and coffee outside while burning incense even if I’m running late.
    • Having coffee and cereal outside. Arranging things for the week. Enjoying just being.
  • Drinking my protein shake in the shower after a long challenging training session.
    • The taste of sweet powered chocolate, peanut butter, and turmeric success!
  • The importance of having a rest day in your fitness schedule and also in life in general.
    • Last session (three month period) at the Circus Center I was really over doing it and didn’t include enough rest days in my training schedule. Since including more recovery time I have seen much better performance over all in the gym and I just feel better in my whole life.
  • Classic San Francisco Park day with Julia.
    • A friend of mine from NYC came here for work and stayed with me this week. We met in elementary school forever ago and it was incredibly magically that we could manage to both have a day off just to enjoy being together and reconnect as adults. I am so grateful for the time we were able to spend together.
  • Made 50 more copies of the first Text Messages to Myself Zine contact me if you would like a paper copy mailed to you!
    • In an effort to get this done I found out that there is a small copy and postal shop close to my house.

What some of your favorite moments this week? What makes you content and happy? How can you share that joy with the people around you?

All my love,


Original Favorite Moment book, 2015